Group Reflection – Smith

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Hello everyone! These presentations blew my mind! Everyone did such a great job. This was an extremely tough project and it left many of us working into the wee hours of Thursday morning. It was exhausting, but you should all be proud of yourselves.

Demi, Zack, and Olivia:

While everyone’s presentations were wonderful, yours stood out to me. I think what I liked most was your topic. Many people can relate to the idea of feeling “non-average” not just in a talent sort of way, but also in what you addressed before: having multiple jobs alongside a full course load, wanting to be with your family but also having school obligations, and then feeling like your work ethic is overlooked by your student athlete status. You did a great job telling the stories of these superb individuals.

Roger, Sammy, Maggy, and Tommy:

This was a great subject! I think it had many different facets you could have addressed and you did a wonderful job covering a couple of them. It left me wanting to know more! I know one of the players on the wheelchair basketball team (Kaine) and it was cool to see him doing something I’ve only heard him talk for hours about! But that brings up a great point. When someone is passionate about their art/sport/whatever, it’s a story that’s waiting to be told and sometimes people don’t always seek out the stories of our handicapped students because they’re worried about sensitivity. However, your projects shined a light on their experiences and what makes them unique. Wonderful work!

Emma, Malek, and Nate:

So cool! Diversity is a steady topic on the Illinois campus and your projects furthered the idea that it is important for our school and world to embrace its diversity and celebrate our differences to create a well-rounded and inclusive society. In all reality, your subject flowed nicely with the other groups’ ideas of focusing on the non-typical student and spotlighting how our uniqueness makes our society better. Fantastic work!

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