Group Project Reflection-Barakat

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First off, I would like to congratulate everyone on some awesome projects and the hard work we put into these projects. They are all really important subjects and were done really well! Thank you everybody putting in the work to share these stories and thank you Professor Collins for pushing us!

Be The Power

Your topic is a real popular issue on campus and I liked how you guys covered it. 'It was informative, interactive, and I think the message came across very clearly and strongly. The 3 D’s of prevention was a nice way of giving a potential solution of how to prevent sexual assault on campus. The website also was easy to follow while still and was organized very well. Awesome job!

The'Accessible Experience

This topic is a great topic that I think often gets overlooked on campus. This school does do a lot for those with disabilities and it was good how you guys displayed that. The website has great detail and so much information and makes you want to continue to scroll and learn'more. It was nice to hear and see some actual footage of your subjects and see some of their daily routines. I also liked how you guys showed that these students are a lot like any ordinary student! Good stuff!

The Diverse Voices of UIUC

This is another informative and good'topic on'our campus, especially with the large amount of students we have that come from all over the world. The topic of diversity was covered really well on your website and it was easy to navigate and understand what you guys were trying to tell the audience. I liked how you guys included “Hear my Voice” in your topic and I thought the infographic on your website was really informative and interesting. The “how to” was really engaging and interactive, which I also liked! Great job overall!

The Link To These Topics

I encourage everybody to check out the links to all the websites.




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