Group Reflection – Schmitt

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After watching each group present, I was so proud to see everyone’s work come together. The collaboration and teamwork was truly inspiring, and I’m very thankful to be a small part of this amazing class. What a semester! What improvement! Thank you, Professor Collins for guiding the way. The blood, sweat and tears paid off.

GROUP ONE (Be The Power):

First and foremost, I want to say that I am so glad that this group tackled such a difficult, but important topic. I loved the website layout you guys chose, and it was apparent that you were all on the same page for each of your components. The How-To aspect was my favorite part of your project. Like Professor Collins said in class, I thought it was brilliant how you made the victim a male. Well done. You guys thought outside of the box, and overall, everything was well-polished and done to perfection. Great work.

GROUP TWO (The Accessible Experience):

I am blown away by this group’s work. The amount of effort you guys put into this project really shows. The background information and the articles you wrote to go alongside your interviews was superb. The graphics were amazing. I really appreciate how you took time to speak with someone who is in a wheelchair. You did a great job highlighting her strengths as an individual. I never once really thought about her “disability.” That’s not easy to do, and you guys nailed it.

GROUP THREE (Diverse Voices at UIUC):

I loved your approach to this project. The website was clean, and it was easy to follow along with. Sometimes, simpler is better, and I think you guys really proved that in your design. I also loved how the inspiration and focus of your project changed and morphed as you completed your work. You adjusted well to your new idea, and as a journalist, that is so very important. Awesome work covering a timely issue.

-Olivia Schmitt

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